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Yard Decor

Yard Decor adds the personal touch that truly make a house feel like a home. Choose from address signs, garden planters, mailbox posts, privacy screens, trellises, window boxes and much more.

Yard Decor

  • Address Signs

    Display where you live and work with a Mayne Address Sign. These durable signs are made from polyethylene and most have a 15 year limited warranty. Certain Address Signs are not meant to be be sold in..
  • Arbors

    Come and see our wide range of wooden garden arbors. Arbors are great additions to patio walkways and gardens. We carry both flat top arbors and arch top arbors in a variety of sizes. Our largest wood..
  • Mailbox Posts

    Choose from a wide selection of mailbox posts to add to your front yard.

    Mailbox posts come in a variety of styles, so choose the one that fits your yard. Colors include Clay, Granite, ..
  • Rain Chains

    Rain chains are decorative alternatives to downspouts. Rain water trickles down the rain and can run into drains or rain catchers...
  • Trellises

    Our Garden Trellises come in a variety of styles, but are usually classified as either a wood or vinyl garden trellis. When picking out a wood trellis choose from a wide range of cedar pyramids, ceda..
  • Window Boxes

    Window Boxes bring beautiful herbs and flowers directly to your window sill! And now with our wide selection you should not have a problem picking out the perfect window box for yourself or for friend..
  • Garden Fountains & Sculptures

    Our Garden Fountains combine the classical look of Old World mosaic pottery with the modern touch of LED lighting. Garden Fountains and Sculptures are beautiful to look at, and the dancing LED light i..
  • Deck Boxes

    Deck boxes are small, versatile storage chests that are perfect for gathering up clutter around your home or garden. Mayne's Berkshire Storage Bins are made from high grade polyethylene plastic and c..
  • Umbrellas & Shade

    Patio Umbrellas & Backyard Shade from Living Outfitters help to keep your patio cool. Select an umbrella and stand for shade during the summer months...
  • Bird Feeders & Bird Houses

    Bird Feeders & Bird Houses help attract avian visitors to your home and garden. Find the perfect one for birds in your area...
  • Weathervanes & Finials

    Add a decorative touch to your home with a Weathervane or a Finial. You are sure to find one you like amid our selection...
  • Cupolas

    Our decorative Cupolas help to add character to your rooftop and come in untreated wood or white vinyl. Find the perfect one for your home...