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The Knowledge Center >> Shed Kit Delivery Options: Lift Gate versus Hand Unload

Shed Kit Delivery Options: Lift Gate versus Hand Unload

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Most of our cedar shed kits can be delivered with an additional service called a Lift Gate, meaning that the delivery driver will lower the pallet to the ground for you, placing it at the curb. However some of our shed kits are shipped on pallets that are too large for Lift Gate delivery service, and so a "Hand Unload" or "Tailgate Delivery" is necessary. Please see the Shipping Information section on the product page to find the available delivery type for your order. Lift Gate delivery service can be purchased at the time of ordering. Please keep in mind that even though a Lift Gate may usually be available for the item you are ordering, local terminal restrictions can affect this availability. All shed customers should be prepared for the possibility of a hand unload. Customers who pay for Lift Gate Service will still need to remove the shed kit and pallet from the curb, and move it to the desired location.

A hand unload is a fairly easy process that usually takes between 15-30 minutes with 1-2 people, and 90% of our customers use this type of delivery successfully. You simply open the pallet packaging (usually plastic), and remove the pieces by hand. Panelized shed kits will have long, flat wall and roof pieces that may need two people to carry. Precut shed kits contain bundles of lumber that are not necessarily heavy, but can be quite long. Although the truck operator may offer to assist you, he is under no obligation (and may be restricted from doing so by insurance regulations). Hand unloading your cedar shed kit is a great way to inspect each piece to be sure that no damage has occurred during shipping. If you see any damage, be sure to note it on the Bill of Lading (BOL) when you sign for the shed delivery.

To prepare for a hand unload, consider arranging someone to help you. Think about and prepare a spot for where you will place your kit as you remove it piece by piece from the truck. When the shipping company calls you to arrange the delivery appointment, you can make the necessary arrangements to be sure you are prepared. We recommend keeping your cedar shed kit stacked neatly and protected from the elements until you are ready for assembly. The risk of warping is greatly decreased by following these guidelines and assembling your shed kit within one week of delivery.

For your piece of mind: if you purchase a lift gate and it is not available, you will be refunded for it. The carrier will not arrive without first calling to make an appointment. Hand unloads are usually highly successful and in many cases, preferred. We at Living Outfitters will make every effort to help you along the way!

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