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  • Tips for Indoor Winter Gardening Fun

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    Bulb Forcing

    With the extreme drama of freezing rain in one half of our country, and unseasonably warm and irregular precipitation in the other half, it's a bit tough to offer garden advice for our readers this season. Simply put, sometimes the best winter planting happens inside.

    Have you ever created a mini bulb garden in your windowsill? Grown a little trellis of peas up the wall in a sunny corner? Well, you can. And the first week of February really is one of the best times to start these green thumb projects. Traditionally, the celebration of Imbolc, also known in the Christian world as .........

  • December in the Greenhouse: Ways to Beat the Cold Snap

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    winter garden

    The freezes of winter have begun! But it doesn't mean we have to stop gardening. There are many greenhouse and cold frame choices to help keep your tender plants more safe from frost, and it is still possible to grow edibles, even now. While unusually cold temperatures and snow may have knocked out some of our vegetables, we are bouncing back with new crops of lettuce and other winter greens within the security of pop up cold frame greenhouses. Strategically placed .........

  • November in the Garden

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    winter crops

    It’s November. We’ve carved our pumpkins, the apples have been harvested, and the leaves have almost all fallen, so what is there to do in the garden this month? For both in-ground and greenhouse gardening, the answer is: A LOT! Year-round in-ground gardening is possible in mild weather climates, and in areas that get a lot of freeze and snow, a greenhouse extends your growing season dramatically.

    In the northern hemisphere, this time of year is perfect for planting cool-weather crops like broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi, Brussels sprouts, lettuces and other greens. Local nurseries s .........

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