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  • Cedar Shed Kit Assembly Info and Videos

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    Cedarshed Shed Assembly Video

    If you are wondering what building a shed kit is going to be like for you, here is a quick slideshow video that a customer put together for all of us to enjoy!

    The first step is site preparation. Every shed kit of any type needs a flat and level surface from which to be built upon. In the case of this video, this site prep is far more than required.  You do not need all the materials and effort shown here.  But if you live in rough sloping terrain, and maybe you have snow or hard seasons, then this could be a "bombproof" shed foundation game plan for you.

    Next, the shed has to be deli .........

  • Northern California Shed Kit Installation Referrals

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    When installing one of our shed kits, the do it yourself home owner should have no problems at all. However, if you are not up for the task and prefer a round of golf instead, try contacting one of our recommend contractors:

    Clint and Brian McFadyen
    McFadyen Construction
    Olivehurst, CA 95961

  • How to Install your Cupola

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    Chesapeake Smithsonian Vinyl Cupola

    So you’re going to beautify your home and add value to your property with decorative cupolas. Firstly, it’s good to know how to choose the best size and style of cupola you’ll need for each roof you would like to adorn. Next, how to install them? If you have basic tools including a tape measure, hand saw, handheld electric screwdriver, and a level, you can get your gorgeous cupolas assembled atop your structure in just a few simple steps. You’ll just need some sections o .........

  • Shed Kit Foundations

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    Shop for garden shed kits

    When preparing to build shed kit foundations, several factors are important. The first is understanding that FLAT isn't necessarily LEVEL. An ideal garden shed building site is both FLAT and LEVEL. Flat means that the ground doesn't have any significant bumps or high and low spots. Level means that there is no grade change between all dimensions of the shed foundation.

    The easiest way to ensure that the site of your new shed is flat and level is by using .........

  • How To Install A Garden Arbor

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    A Garden Arbor can be an attractive addition to any landscape. Garden Arbors can provide beautiful focal points in your landscape design. Or if you prefer you can use a Garden Arbor as a transition from one landscape to another.  You can also create a quiet relaxing seating area using a 

  • Children’s Playhouses

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    Let Your Kids have fun with Children’s Playhouses

    Children’s Playhouses are a great place for children to play. If you notice carefully then you’ll find out that they love having their own territory while playing. It could be an old box from a refrigerator or playing under the dining table, they’ll pretend that they are in somewhere else. Playing is the process in which kids learn about life, they socialize through playing. Through playing they express their understanding of the happenings around them. When they play doctor and save a doll’s l .........

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