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Mayne Products: A Revolution in Outdoor Décor

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Producing a remarkable line of high-quality vinyl and polyethylene outdoor products, the Mayne company has revolutionized the outdoor garden industry. Their planters, window boxes, mailbox posts and more, are refreshingly maintenance-free, durable, attractive and fashionable. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Mayne company.


What materials are used and why?

  • Mayne products are manufactured by molding premium high-grade polyethylene around modern structural elements. This material provides for many years of enjoyment and extreme durability. Designed to look like wood, Mayne posts and planters give you the look you want, without the upkeep. You will never need to seal, treat, or paint your window box, lamp post, mailbox post, address sign or planter. Yet their strength and color will endure.

How do I select the right Mayne item for my home?

  • Think about the goals you have for your home when deciding which items are best for you. Mayne products are perfect for those who want long-lasting beauty with no maintenance. To add instant charm to your home’s façade, transform it with the simple addition of a few window boxes. To add curb appeal that also improves the way you function, consider a mailbox post with an address arm and a solar light cap. Many colors and styles are available to suit your personal taste, from elegant to robust and stately. Consider a tall planter box on each side of your entry for a dramatic focal point.

Are there complementing Mayne products to create a unified theme for my yard?

  • Mayne product line is great for matching various items in the same style and color for presenting a unified décor. Enjoy how using a combination of Mayne products creates uniformity as well as interest for your home’s exterior. For a striking effect, consider black window boxes with a complementing address sign post, lamp post and patio planters. If you prefer earth tones, look how our clay mailbox posts complement window boxes and a tall planter box by the door, creating a unified, natural look.
  • Or, combine two contrasting colors for that bit of "pop". For homes with pizzazz, the Nantucket window box line offers a remarkable effect with their variety of strong colors, including red window boxes. The Madison Rain Catcher doubles as a classy planter, and Mayne storage bins beautify while reducing clutter; either are available in both black and white.

How do I care for my new Mayne product?

  • Designed to be maintenance free, Mayne products can be cleaned easily with the occasional rinse of water from a garden hose. If intensely dirty conditions are present, use a soft bristled brush or light power washer with mild detergent or diluted bleach to remove accumulations.

 What are the details of Mayne's product warranty?

  • The Mayne manufacturer’s warranty covers any material or workmanship defect, and is provided for the original owner only. Molded polyethylene products are backed by a 15 year limited warranty. Solar caps, ground screws, and brackets are guaranteed for 2 years. This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation, extreme weather conditions, misuse or accidental damages.

What is Mayne’s return policy?

  • In another industry-changing move, the Mayne company unveiled a Zero Hassle Return Policy in late 2013. You may now return your unused products in their original packaging in re-sellable condition for a full refund. This means no risk and no hassle. Just leave it in the box unused, and contact us at to initiate an easy return of your Mayne product within 30 days of receipt.