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Crystal Fire Burners from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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Crystal Fire Burners from the Outdoor Greatroom CompanySpend the evening with friends and family, mesmerized and delighted by the illusion of liquid crystal fire, right in your own backyard. Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables come equipped with a specialized Crystal Fire Burner in a variety of shapes, paired with diamond colored fire glass gems that seem to melt in the flames. These elements, combined with an electronic piezo ignition, create a powerful effect that can be fueled by either liquid propane or natural gas. The heat output for these fire pit burners goes up to 100,000 BTUs, depending on burner size, fuel type, and fuel tank size. More information is available about Fire Pit BTUs for you to read. Also available in Do It Yourself Fire Pit Kits, Crystal Fire Burners are a beautiful symbol of luxury brought into the day-to-day.

You can find the popular 21" round Crystal Fire Burner, CF-20-DIY fire pit kit, in many of Outdoor GreatRoom’s fire pit tables. This setup is also available in 24x24 inch burner Square Fire Pit Tables, as well as 12x24 inch burner Rectangular Fire Pit Tables. Their recently expanded line of these high quality burners now includes a variety of rectangular sizes up to 12x120 inches, and if you need a special size, contact us to arrange a custom fire pit burner order.

Two types of DIY fire pit kits are available; the standard includes the burner kit, fire glass gems, piezo ignition, hose, regulator, gas valve, metal flex hose and natural gas orifice. Another newly developed gas fire pit kit type is made for installing directly into hardscape, and is available in three larger sizes. This style includes a 4-piece burner support with hardware, a control panel with mounting bracket and electronic ignition, orifices for natural gas and propane, an expansion control bracket and a control valve with knob.

Also new in 2014 are Do It Yourself Fire Pit Kits with copper burner bowls. This durable material lends an especially colorful look to your fire pit. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company recommends using a burner glass guard with the copper burners to prevent any blackening of the bowl, which usually only occurs with long-term use in extremely windy conditions. These glass guards are a beautiful way to keep your copper looking new and shiny.

Fire pit heat output, or BTUs, are an important consideration when choosing your fire pit, as well as the fuel type and tank size. For complete details on BTUs, visit our Gas Fire Pit BTUs page. Here is a breakdown of the maximum heat output for each size burner:

  • CF-2424 Square Burner Bowl fire pits vary greatly, and can handle larger fuel orifice sizes. If hooked up to an LP tank that feeds the whole house, it puts out 79,000 BTUs max. With a 20lb LP tank, 61,000 BTUs. But when used with an NG line with a #17 orifice, it can deliver up to 107,000 BTUs.
  • Finally, the longer CF-1242 Rectangular Burner Bowl fire pits, which can also be used with larger orifices. When attached to a whole house LP tank, 100,000 BTUs is the max, while you'll get 60,000 with a 20lb LP tank. An NG line with a #21 orifice will generate 90,000 BTUs per hour.

Now down to the pretty stuff: Fire Glass! While diamond-colored heat tempered fire glass is the standard color included with Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables and some DIY fire pit kits, other fire glass colors are available. For a glimpse of the power and beauty of Crystal Fire Fire Pits, here is a video of the flame quality and fire glass melting gemstone effect with various colors of fire glass: