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Garden & Green Living

Find the perfect Garden and Green Living Products help to complete your Garden. Choose from a variety of Greenhouses, Potting Benches, and Garden Planters.

Garden & Green Living

  • Greenhouses

    Greenhouses provide you with the perfect growing space for your plants, and offer durable walls and stable temperatures to protect and nurture the plants inside. With one of these greenhouse kits you ..
  • Potting Benches and Garden Carts

    Living Outfitters currently carries several styles of potting bench for your gardening needs. Browse our greenhouses to see the potting shelves available for specific models. In addition, garden carts..
  • Garden Planters

    Planter Boxes let you bring pieces of your garden up to your deck or patio. Choose from a wide range of styles when selecting a garden box. From Vinyl to Western Red Cedar, to high quality Polyethylen..
  • Mosquito Traps

    Take back the night from mosquitoes with a Mosquito Trap from Blue Rhino. These Mosquito Traps use propane to lure and catch the pesky insects reducing the population in an acre wide area. With a trap..
  • Plant Stands

    Plant Stands decorate the garden and patio with tasteful form, and function to elevate your beautiful plants. Browse Living Outfitter's selection of plant stands and choose your favorite...
  • Rainwater Collection Systems

    Collecting and reusing rainwater is an easy way to support the health of your garden and the planet, while saving money on water costs. Shop our variety of Rainwater Collection Systems to find the rig..